Flamenco Dresses for Carmen Acedo

Flamenco dresses for Carmen Acedo 2008-2009

Carmen Acedo is a prestigious flamenco dressmaker and designer in Seville. She participates in Flamenco Fashion events such as SIMOF (Spain) and the Flamenco Fashion Week in Japan. In 2008, she entrusted me the flamenco designs of the collection for 2009. It was not a defined collection with a specific inspiration but a varied work with diversity in fabrics and shapes in order to offer different styles and lines to a wide range of customers where every single dress would be an exclusive design.

The result was a success. Customers loved the collection and the shapes of the designs were remade changing and matching new and different fabrics.

All the designs are showed here and I also include pictures of some of the finished dressed which were taken in one of the presentation in El Ronquillo, Spain.