Final Degree Project

Final Degree Project, 2008

I had to design and produce a fashion collection for this project. I got the inspiration from the famous fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli and the Surrealist Art, which was always linked to this designer during her career.

Elsa Schiaparelli was the first designer who used sailor´s tattoos as printings for her designs, so nowadays, we owe her the trendy use of skulls, broken hearts and bones in fashion.

I made the fabric completely by hand. I used white denim as a base and stitched one by one all the skulls, hearts and anchors in felt. Once it was finished, I cut the fabric following the patterns of the designs.

I pretended to pay tribute to Schiaparelli and use similar lines and shapes, such as fitted silhouettes and exaggerated volumes in the skirts. The designs had to show surrealism, fantasy and originality. All the dresses are made of cotton, tulle, felt and organza.

As a contrast with the original fabric and as a link in between the different designs, I used the colour fuchsia, which was often present in Schiaparelli designs.

One of the designs is my personal version of an original design made by Oscar de la Renta, who is known by his elegant and distinguished designs. I wanted to use that shape in order to experiment and see how a change in fabrics and colour can make a dress look completely different with an ironic touch.