Millinery and Fascinators

Fascinator for a wedding, London 2014

Hats for «Ace of Clubs», Union Theatre, London 2014


I also include hats and headgears made in different periods. Some of them belong to a collection designed for a fashion show when I concluded my degree in Fashion Design. Some others are samples and exercises made during the course which I undertook at the London College of Fashion in 2010.


Fashion Design


Final Degree Project, 2008

I had to design and produce a fashion collection for this project. I got the inspiration from the famous fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli and the Surrealist Art, which was always linked to this designer during her career.

Elsa Schiaparelli was the first designer who used sailor´s tattoos as printings for her designs, so nowadays, we owe her the trendy use of skulls, broken hearts and bones in fashion.

I made the fabric completely by hand. I used white denim as a base and stitched one by one all the skulls, hearts and anchors in felt. Once it was finished, I cut the fabric following the patterns of the designs.

I pretended to pay tribute to Schiaparelli and use similar lines and shapes, such as fitted silhouettes and exaggerated volumes in the skirts. The designs had to show surrealism, fantasy and originality. All the dresses are made of cotton, tulle, felt and organza.

As a contrast with the original fabric and as a link in between the different designs, I used the colour fuchsia, which was often present in Schiaparelli designs.

One of the designs is my personal version of an original design made by Oscar de la Renta, who is known by his elegant and distinguished designs. I wanted to use that shape in order to experiment and see how a change in fabrics and colour can make a dress look completely different with an ironic touch.

Shotgun Shells Dress

This work consisted in making a fashion design with an object which was not linked to fashion at all, focusing on creativity and eccentricity.

I decided to use shotgun shells, so I recycled a subversive and harmful object and transformed it into the accessory of a design. I made a black dress and I stitched the shotgun shells one by one on it, giving to the original object an attractive meaning and appearance.

Flamenco dresses for Carmen Acedo 2008-2009

Carmen Acedo is a prestigious flamenco dressmaker and designer in Seville. She participates in Flamenco Fashion events such as SIMOF (Spain) and the Flamenco Fashion Week in Japan. In 2008, she entrusted me the flamenco designs of the collection for 2009. It was not a defined collection with a specific inspiration but a varied work with diversity in fabrics and shapes in order to offer different styles and lines to a wide range of customers where every single dress would be an exclusive design.

The result was a success. Customers loved the collection and the shapes of the designs were remade changing and matching new and different fabrics.

All the designs are showed here and I also include pictures of some of the finished dressed which were taken in one of the presentation in El Ronquillo, Spain.


Bridalwear 2010

This section includes the design and making process of a wedding dress during the lessons which I undertook at the London College of Fashion in 2010 under the guidelines of Christina Sesay, instructor and bridal designer. We had to design a two pieces dress, make the patterns and produce it. I have added some pictures taken during the fittings to this space.


Collection “Van Gogh”, 2006

For this project I needed to design a collection based on a fabric dyed manually. I decided to paint the famous piece called “Starry Night” by Van Gogh on a 100%cotton piece of fabric. The designs consisted of four garments made of an only pattern in order to be able to appreciate the manual printing as much as possible.

Collection of Handmade Printing Inspired by Egyptian Art, 2007

For this project I had to choose a specific inspiration to develop four different handmade printing techniques with their respective variety of fabrics and colours. A major source of inspiration came from Ancient Egyptian Art: Hieroglyphics, sculptures and engravings. In order to match to the Egyptian traditions, I decided to use fabrics related to this culture: natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and organza.

The techniques developed were: printing by handmade stamps, crackle wax, stencil on a screen and tie-dye. Every single technique was developed in 3 different designs with 3 varieties of colour each.


Sportwear collection, 2007

I had to choose a sport brand and design several outfits and accessories based on a stamped fabric which I had designed before. I also included an illustration as the advertising campaign for this collection.

I used the brand Speedo and produced a printed vest as a sample.



Pyjamas Collection inspired in Telerin Family, 2008

This project consisted on the design of two textile prints based on the same subject. I got the inspiration from the Telerín Family, famous Spanish cartoons which used to be a popular advertisement in the 80´s to say to every children that it was the time to go to sleep. Given the meaning of these cartoons, I thought that the best option would be a collection of pyjamas and housewear. I designed 3 outfits for ladies and other 3 outfits for pregnant women.

I included the design of fabrics in different colours and tested that the edges of the printing matches when transferring the design onto the fabric. I also produced two of these designs as samples for the project.



Triana Ceramics Collection, 2006

I designed a collection inspired by the popular ceramic from Triana, Spain, during 17th and 18th centuries. I took the ornamental figures, shapes and colours of the ceramics as the printing to make this collection.


Flamenco Collection 2008