Dirty Dancing Show, Future Cinema, London

Dirty Dancing

Future Cinema, London

Costume Assistant, August- September 2013

This show was organised by Future Cinema in East London for 3 days. They recreated the scenography of the summer campus where the famous film took place and included activities to make the public participate in the life of the “campus” such as dancing and painting lessons, games to interact with the actors and also, everybody must attend dressed up in the 60´s trends of fashion in USA. After all day long acting the most popular scenes of the film and playing with the public, they were completely into the film and ready to watch and live the film. Then, the original film started and the actors were acting the same scenes from the stage.

The costume team had to search the outfits for all the actors, singers and participants of the show, taking the original film as a reference and trying to keep the similarities as much as we could. Once we decided the style for everyone, we make adjustments and alterations in every garment.

Future Cinema Presents Dirty Dancing from Future Cinema on Vimeo.