Sam & Lucy´s Wedding, The Gipsy Queen, London 2016

Stylist, wedding planner & decoration organiser

For this wedding, I tailored the bride´s dress, produced the bride´s veil, painted the photocall and selected and organised the decoration in the venue. Additionally, I made a greeting card for them, which illustration (handmade in acrylics and black ink) featured one of the main themes of the tropical wedding (flamingoes), and the bride wearing her wedding outfit.


Spaniards in London, Webseries, from April – November 2014

Costume dressing, Make-up artist and set decorator

This webseries tells us the story of 4 young Spaniards who come to London to find a job and live new experiences. It has had a great reception and it is followed by a large number of spectators, both from Spain and the UK. My role requires a bit of everything as we are a small team and we just have one to each other to develop this project. I do costume, styling, make-up artist and set decorator. I also support the team adding ideas, filming and shooting the making-of and supervising details.


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Making-of Chapter 3

Making-of Chapter 4

Making-of Chapter 5

Back to the Future I, Secret Cinema

Costume Assistant, July- August 2014

This show took place in the Olympic Village, Stratford, London during 6 weeks in Summer 2014. The scenography of Hill Valley was recreated to play the film “Back to the Future I”. A total of 80.000 people enjoyed the performance and got immerse in the 50´s throughout different attractions, activities and bars.


Ace of Clubs, London

Milliner. April 2014

I show you this project where I made the fascinators for the hats in Ace of Clubs, Union Theatre. We needed to be able to take the fascinators on and off depending on the needs, so I made the accessories independently and added them to the hats with clicks.

All the fascinators were stitched by hand.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, Secret Cinema, February 2014

Costume assistant

Secret Cinema organised an event for the preview of the famous film in London and they were performing and playing the film during March. As usual, every spectator had to attend dressed up according to the specific period/place and take part in a number of activities that were planned to immerse the public into the film atmosphere.

Costumes required us to be very efficient and faithful to the film, doing a proper stylism for every member of staff who took part in this event, such as singers, actors, waitresses, security guards… etc.


Dirty Dancing, Future Cinema, London

Costume Assistant, August- September 2013

This show was organised by Future Cinema in East London for 3 days. They recreated the scenography of the summer campus where the famous film took place and included activities to make the public participate in the life of the “campus” such as dancing and painting lessons, games to interact with the actors and also, everybody must attend dressed up in the 60´s trends of fashion in USA. After all day long acting the most popular scenes of the film and playing with the public, they were completely into the film and ready to watch and live the film. Then, the original film started and the actors were acting the same scenes from the stage.

The costume team had to search the outfits for all the actors, singers and participants of the show, taking the original film as a reference and trying to keep the similarities as much as we could. Once we decided the style for everyone, we make adjustments and alterations in every garment.

Future Cinema Presents Dirty Dancing from Future Cinema on Vimeo.

Director: Selina Cartmell

Costume Designer: Susan kulkarni

The Prince and The Pauper, 2012, Unicorn Theatre, London

Costume Designer and Milliner, November 2012.

We designed new garments for this play and we also reused others that we had on the theatre wardrobe, adjusting and making different alterations on them according to the final outfits. This play demanded a particular attention in the costumes as the actors had to get changed on the stage in front of the public, which is why the closings systems had to be easy and quick. We included velcro, zips and closing buttons. The play was supposed to be a new and eclectic version of the original one, so we could contrast contemporary details on old and antique clothes.


Advertisement for PeTA: Man Meat, Stay firm and fresh

Costume Assistant 2012, London

Director: Sam Peacock

Costume Designer: Susan Kulkarni

This work consisted in doing the styles and outfits for a PeTa campaign, famous for its polemic advertisings which report and complain about mistreating animals, the use of animal for fashion and for food, defending the animal right. The aim of the advert was to encourage men to become vegetarian as vegetarianism increases the sexual potency and performance.

We searched for the outfit of every actor and adjusted the clothes to the vegetables and fruit which simulated masculine sexual organs.


Cesareo, National Theatre, London 2012

Costume Assistant August 2012

Director: Bryony Lavery

Costume Designer: Susan Kulkarni

This work was based on a fragment of a Shakespeare play. It was aimed at a young public, reason why it was adapted to a short show, focused on being didactic and amusing for children and their families.